Horses Naturally

rosie-in-appletreeWhat is “Horses, Naturally!”

horsesnaturally_logoHorses, Naturally! is dedicated to the horse’s optimal health, well-being and performance
using natural methods and modalities.

What does that really mean?

Every aspect of horse-keeping is examined using guidelines drawn from:
1. wild horse behavior
2. ancient horse-keeping ways (the “old”)
3. innovative technology and research (the “new”)

What are some aspects that we research and examine?

1. The impact of such factors as: chronic low basal temps, vaccinations, abnormal pH, nitrates in water, toxins in feed, nailed-on shoes, stabling, restriction of movement, lack of social interaction and many other factors we accept as normal and forget to question.
2. New feeding protocols for horses compromised with Cushings, founder, laminitis, COPD, EPM, thyroid abnormality and many other (now prevalent!) syndromes.
3. Humane training resources.
4. Protective high quality “boots”– sources and fitting.
5. Barefoot trim for high performance
6. Clinics in a variety of healing and treatment modalities and other areas of interest some of which are: equine massage, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, reconnective therapy and animal communication.

Who attends?

Anyone . . .
– who wants optimal performance from their horse in any event
– who is willing to “question the norm”
– who has run into limitations in the “conventional wisdom” and is seeking further options.
– who is willing to take an honest look at their horse’s performance and care and implement any necessary changes
– And anyone who is “just curious” – that’s a good start!

When do we meet? We meet in Santa Fe, NM once a month except December.

Cost? None to attend. Resources are available at cost.

More info? Sheila Nixon

Questions you (as a horse owner) may have asked yourself:

·Am I getting peak performance and a willing attitude from my horse a good part of the time?

·Why is my horse “off” several days a week?

·Is this the same horse I bought 3 or 4 years ago? Has something changed (for the worse)?

·Why do we nail rigid, iron semi-circles into dynamically active living tissue? What effect does it have? Is there another choice?

·Does my farrier know what a high performance barefoot trim is? and is s/he willing to maintain it on my horses on a timely basis?

·Why am I going from horse to horse, never finding the perfect sound horse?

·Where can I meet like-minded horse people and network about the choices I’m making in my horse care?

·Where can I find answers and comprehensive information on health and soundness questions about my horse?

We have answers! We have even more questions! “HORSES, NATURALLY !” is a dynamic “search engine” dedicated to optimal performance, care and training of horses.

Tenets of “Horses, Naturally!”:

We endorse absolutely no single product, practitioner, teacher or “expert”. We do however, share experiences of “what has worked” for us and our horses (the more measurable the data, the better!)

We respect and rely upon the skill of Western medical practitioners, i.e. veterinarians. Our focus, however, is on the exploration of complementary methods, modalities and protocols. And our belief is that the two can work productively together for the good of the horse.

We operate on a “cover cost” basis. No profit is realized. Time and research are voluntary. Duplicable resources are made available at cost.